We love puppies at Dog Bar, but for safety reasons they must have their first rabies vaccination before they can play in the yard with the big dogs. Until they have their rabies they must stay on-leash with their owners.

You and your unfixed puppies are welcome to visit Dog Bar as long as they are still under one year of age. Unfortunately this is an important policy and is not negotiable.

We love visitors and have a special membership for you. For $7.00 per dog, you can visit for the day. Don’t forget to get a copy of your vaccines so we can let your pup come play. Digital records work as well as paper receipts from the vet.

We love all breeds here at Dog Bar, your dogs are more than welcome to come and play as long as they are social and well behaved.

No, you do not have to bring a dog to the bar to enjoy our fun establishment. You just have to love dogs!

Bring a copy of your recent Rabies, Parvo and Bordetella shots with a date of expiration either the paper receipt or an email/picture you can pull up on your phone. Please leave all toys at home and come with a non-flexy or non-retractable leash. When you arrive the membership desk staff will walk you through the process of signing your dogs up.

No, unfortunetly, Rabies tags are licenses do not display expiration dates and we cannot verify that your dog is current on the vaccine.

Dog Bar annual members will be issued a dog bone tag that ensures a smooth and easy check in every time you visit, you have unlimited access to the dog park during our business hours and your dog will love you for it!

You can still visit and check in with the membership desk if you’ve lost your tag. We can also issue you a replacement tag for a small fee of $5.

Some dogs aren’t great at sharing there toys, and we don’t want anyone fighting over their favorite toy. This includes but not limited to: tennis balls, frisbees, tug ropes, bones, and squeaky toys.

Dog bar understands the important work that service dogs do, but we do ask that service dogs pay for a half priced membership in order to play in the off-leash yard. If they are working and not playing, no membership is required although we still need proof of current vaccines.

Disclaimer: As a business we are not legally required to allow ESAs therefore they must purchase a membership at the normal price.

Retractable leashes are common and convenient for dog walks, but at a busy bar they very quickly become a safety hazard. If you must use your retractable leash, please be understanding of the hazard it poses and keep it locked down at 4 feet length.

Dog Bar is first and foremost a bar, we do require that all of our patrons be over the age of 21. Children are not allowed on the premises at any time or for any reason.

We ask that all patrons stay with their dogs at all times and monitor their behavior. Squirt bottles are provided in the park for an easy and noninvasive way to correct unwanted behavior. We ask that you help us regulate the yard and your own dog. However, during peak times a yard attendant will be present in the park. If you are having problems with another dog, please notify the yard attendant or another staff member and we will be happy to assist you.

Of course! We offer cold brewed coffee on draft, non-alcoholic beer and we have various sodas on tap including pink lemonade.

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