Honey Hole Eats

Honey Hole Eats

Honey Hole Eats offers American Pub Food with an Irish Twist! Check out their menu:




Loaded Fries $11 Hand BreadedChicken Tenders & Fries $12
Topped with homemade queso, raw onions, ground beef & sour cream   Served with choice of a sauce  
French Fries $5 Veggie Burger & Fries $12
Fries, served with choice of sauce   Veggie blend patty (broccoli, peas, spinach & carrots) topped with lettuce, tomato, raw onion & pickles. Add cheese $0.50  
Loaded Nachos $11 Italian Sausage & Fries $11
Corn tortilla chips, homemade queso, raw onions, corn, salsa, guacamole, jalapeños & sour cream. Add chicken or ground beef $2.00   On a roll with grilled peppers & onions  
Chips with Queso $5 Gourmet Mac & Cheese $9
Corn tortilla chips served with a side of homemade queso   Add chicken or ground beef $2.00  
Chicken Curry Fries $11 Chicken Curry Rice Bowl $12
Fries topped with chicken & curry sauce   Rice, chicken, curry sauce, corn, grilled peppers & onions.  
Egg Rolls (3 pcs) $5 Kids Hand Breaded Tenders & Fries $10
Egg rolls served with Thai chili or curry sauce   Served with choice of sauce  
Vegetable Spring Rolls (4 pcs) $4 Buffalo OR BBQ Chicken fries $11
Served with choice of Thai chili or curry sauce   Fries topped with homemade queso, chicken and choice of buffalo OR bbq sauce!  
Brussels with Bacon $7 Kids Mac & Cheese $8
Crispy brussel sprouts with bacon!   Homemade mac and cheese! Choice to add chicken or ground beef +$1.50  
Chips with Salsa $5 Chicken Brussel Rice Bowl $13
Corn tortilla chips with mild salsa!   Rice, chicken and brussel sprouts served with your choice of sauce! My favorite is our signature curry sauce, or it also taste great with chipotle!  
Chips with Guacamole $5 Veggie Rice Bowl $12
Corn tortilla chips served with a side of Guac!   Rice, grilled peppers & onions, brussel sprouts and your choice of sauce!  
Jalapeño Poppers $5 Southwest Bowl $12
Served with a side of ranch   Choice of chicken or beef over rice, salsa, jalapeños, corn, raw onions, beans and topped with homemade queso  
Sides   Taco Salad $7
Sauces $0.50 Super food salad blend, corn, tomatoes, raw onions, black beans, shredded cheese. Choice of dressing and may add chicken or beef!  
Each $0.50   Tacos (2) $10
Mozzarella Sticks $6 Chicken, Beef or Vegetable tacos topped with cheese, tomatoes, raw onion & cilantro. Served with tortilla chips with choice of queso, salsa or guacamole.  
Served with marinara sauce!   Fiesta Fries $11
Desserts   Topped with homemade queso, beans, raw onions, tomatoes, corn & cilantro  
Ice Pops $1    
Assorted flavors      
Ice Cream Drumsticks $2.50    
*Contains peanuts*      
Ice cream $2    
Classic ice cream sandwich with vanilla ice cream OR Vanilla ice cream cookie crunch bar