Just 1 Taste STL

Just 1 Taste STL

Best St Louis style Food Truck Restaurant in Tampa Bay area. St Louis Style BBQ Pork Steaks, Smoked St Louis Style BBQ Rib Tips, St Louis Style BBQ Ribs, Crispy STL Tripe, Just 1 Taste’s Signature Fried Fish & Chicken. COME SEE US!!


Fried Pork Chop Sandwich  $6

Coated in our signature breading then deep fried then sprinkled with our signature seasoning


Fried Catfish Fillets & 1 Side Choice $13

Breaded in our signature seasoning then fried crispy and tossed in our signature seasoning

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Jumbo Fried Shrimp & 1 Side Choice $13

Crispy Fried Jumbo Shrimp Sprinkled With Our Signature Seasoning


Jumbo Polish Sausage Sandwich  $8

Smoked Polish Sausage topped with our signature rub & bbq sauce


Perfect Pulled Pork  $10

Slow smoked until tender & juicy then seasoned with our signature rub and our sweet n smokey bbq sauce


Signature Fried Chicken Wings & 1 Side Choice  $13

Chicken Wings Breaded in our signature Breading then tossed in our signature seasoning

Tender Smoked Beef Brisket

Tender Smoked Beef Brisket  $10

Slow smoked to perfect tenderness then sliced & topped with our signature rub & sweet n smokey bbq sauce


Tender Smoked “St Louis” Rib Tips & 1 Side Choice $13

Marinated in our signature rub then slow smoked & sprinkled with more run and our sweet n smokey bbq sauce

Gluten Free

Sides and Apps


French Fries  $4


Chunky Potato Salad  $4


Fried Okra $4


Onion Rings  $4