Tampa Bay Vizsla’s at Dog Bar

Tampa Bay Vizsla’s at Dog Bar

Calling all Vizsla lovers! Tampa Bay Vizsla Club fundraiser in memory of Jake will be at Dog Bar, Saturday 24th! We will have raffles prizes, Jell-O Shots, a Food Truck and more. Come drink for a good cause with us!

Jake was quite often seen around Dog Bar, but Jake was also well known in downtown St Pete! He loved joining Running for Brews St Pete at the The Ale and the Witch for Monday night runs. After the run, Jake enjoyed ‘hunting’ the courtyard. He didn’t care for drinking from the available dog bowls in the courtyard. He’d rather drink the cool water from the orange Igloo cooler. Jake would hover under the cooler making a high pitched yipping sound telling people he wanted a drink from the cooler. He trained a number of strangers to come to the cooler and press the button so he could drink from the stream of water.

By popular demand, Jake even had a FB page – https://www.facebook.com/jaketheviszla

If you are not able to make it to the event, feel free to donate directly to Tampa Vizsla Club via paypal at tbvcrescue@gmail.com
Visit their website for more information Http://tampabayvizslaclub.com/rescue