Chihuahua De Mayo

Chihuahua de Mayo

Sign up for our Chihuahua de Mayo Races benefiting Skyway Dachshund Rescue and Limbo Chihuahua – Chi Rescue. The event will be held in the small yard on Sunday May 2nd. Entrance fee is $5 when you pay now or $10 the day of the race. Races begin at 1pm with the final round shortly after 3pm.

Rules for the Races

  1. Dogs will be run in rounds of 4 and paired with their closest age, weight and breed groups. 
  2. We will have breed rounds for both Dachshunds & Chihuahuas separately, as well as an open breed round. Pups who place in their breed round will go on to the mixed breed Championship round to finish off the day. 
  3. Your dog must have proof of updated shots.  If this is your first visit, please also register in our membership database. You can find the registration form by clicking on the membership button on the menu above. 
  4. Participating dogs will not be required to pay the $5 day pass fee for non-members. So please make sure to sign up and pay before race day. 
  5. All Dog Bar rules and requirements still apply to this event. Patrons must be 21 & older, dogs must be fixed and up to date on shots. 

More info:

Chihuahua race will be held a separate fenced area and the first round will begin at 1pm.  Rounds run 20-30 mins with short breaks between each round. The winner of each race and runner up will move on to the semi-final race. And then the semi-final winners and runner up will race in the last race of the day around 3pm.  Prizes and medals will be given out to the winners! And 100% of proceeds raised from raffles, race entries and Jell-O shots will go to the rescues, Limbo Chihuahua & Skyway Dachshund!

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