Bully Project Fundraiser

Photo Booth Fundraiser!

 3-6pm Saturday, August 21st

Join us for an afternoon of raffles, Jell-O shots and a photo booth with Polk County Bully Project & Miss Booths at Dog Bar.
We are a foster-based non-profit 501c3 rescue organization that works to find forever homes for this misunderstood breed. Through local adoption and rescue partnerships we are giving these dogs their chance at a happily ever after. We’re dedicated to our goal of reducing euthanasia rates of these dogs in Polk County.
Our Polk County Shelter was deemed per 2019 statistics as the #1 Kill shelter in the state of Florida. We are working closely with Animal Control to change these statistics, ultimately PCBP is working towards a NoKill shelter. Currently, dogs deemed Pit Bull are rescue only.
Through education and practical care, we’re changing the stigma that surrounds pit bulls and providing care. Spay and neuter is a huge part of stemming the flow of dogs that come in from the county to the shelter.
**If this is your first visit to Dog Bar please register and read the rules before attending this event. It’s $5 per dog to visit and they do not allow anyone under 21 on the premises. You can read more and register here: