The Dog Bar: AKA Best Bar in St. Pete Florida

Originally published on Stop, Drop and Trek
I’ve never gone to a bar and wanted to be licked. Who wants to be licked at a bar?! You just might change your stance on this after going to one of my favorite bars in St. Pete, Florida: The Dog Bar.

Photo by Tiffany Sharier at Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team!

The Dog Bar is more than just a dog friendly bar, think more along the lines of an alcohol serving dog park. Spanning over 5,000 square feet, the bar includes an indoor and outdoor area. Dogs need to be leashed while indoors, but can run free in the dog park area outdoors. There are apparatuses for the pups to climb on, water for them to play in, and plenty of turf to run around on. The turf is irrigated for your dog to potty on but you still need to pick up any #2’s and hose off the area after if necessary.

The Dog Bar does require that all pups show proof of vaccinations before entering. As a dog mom I LOVE THIS. To me it is huge to know that all the dogs my sweet boy is playing with are healthy and vaccinated which most dog parks don’t police. Then after you provide your vaccination records, you can choose to pay the $5 charge for a week’s access or the $40 for year long access ($20 for additional dogs).

Now to all of my non-dog-owners but dog lovers out there, come one come all! Don’t think that you have to bring a dog to come enjoy this crazy cute atmosphere. When Jon and I went we were on a long weekend trip to Tampa/St. Pete without Tot (don’t worry he was having fun in Ohio with his second mom/my best friend). Just be prepared for people to ask which dog is yours and have to admit to just being there for the entertainment and booze.

Enough about the dogs, let’s talk about the drinks. The Dog Bar isn’t just serving up Bud, Miller, and Coors. There are plenty of beer options and it runs as a full service bar so liquor drinks are served as well! The beer selection impressed both Jon and I, and that’s saying something!

So whether your furry kid is tagging along or you’re coming solo, definitely stop by The Dog Bar for laughs, drinks, and some welcome licks too!


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